Auto Insurance

A major benefit of having car insurance is that it provides an economic safety net for people. In a society in which most people live paycheck to paycheck, there isn’t much wiggle room for emergency situations that cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, auto accidents are the kind of emergency situations that can easily drain a bank account. Even in a minor one with no injuries, the cost of paying for another person’s vehicle and your own can run into the thousands. For this reason, it’s better to pay a monthly fee that is known and within your budget than to pay nothing and lose everything.

Having car insurance provides you with a professional who can fairly legislate payments and responsibilities in a car accident. Your claims adjuster will investigate the details of your car accident and determine who is at fault and should be paid. Most of the time, this process leads to the fair and equitable resolution of a claim–one that wouldn’t happen without the intervention from an outside party.

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